The Reasons To Hire a Real Estate Agent

Perhaps I should start off with the premise of why I am writing this article.

I was recently at an art gallery open house, where I was introduced to several different people.  One woman I was introduced to started a quick conversation about the fact I was a real estate agent.  Her comment was that she didn’t feel that people needed real estate agents as all we did was stick a sign in the ground and collect a commission.  As I stood almost a foot taller than her, I just smiled and told her that I think she had a misunderstanding of what all a real estate agent does.  I had no desire to try and change her mind as she was convinced in her thinking.  The other reason was that I had had the same stupid misconception before I became one.

What it did prompt me to do was to share with you all that a good real estate agent does for their clients.  Trust me, it isn’t just hanging a sign and collecting money.

Relationship Building

Much of the basis of the business of real estate is about relationships.  It is about building them, cultivating them and really having a desire to help others.  A real estate deal doesn’t just fall into your lap.  They come from relationships you have built and through people that know, like and trust you.  We build a relationship with each client so we have a good understanding of what they need and how to help them.  We do this  not only with clients, but with other industry professionals too, as we all help each other succeed in this industry.

People need to know they can trust you with one of the biggest decisions of their lives.  They have to know that you care about them. That can only happen when we have built those relationships.

Listening to Others

I believe one of the most important things a real estate agent does is to really listen to what their client wants to accomplish.  Many times there is so much more that just buying or selling a home.  Each person/client is making a transition of some sort and that is where the listening to each individual becomes even more important.  People can be downsizing, going through a divorce, buying their first home or relocating.  There are endless reasons for buying and selling, but one thing is common with all of these.  Each person is making some sort of transition.

As a real estate agent, it is our job and moral obligation to assist, listen, guide each person and make their transition as smooth as possible, ensuring the best result for them.  They have trusted us to take care of them and that is what we do.

Market Knowledge

Having proper knowledge of the current real estate market along with the economic climate is an absolute must.  A good agent is going to know what is going on not only with the local market, but nationally as well. These factors help indicate the best way to price a listing or negotiate a home purchase.   Having a good understanding of the economic climate helps educate your clients.  This isn’t reading the headlines of the news, but researching enough to have a good understanding of how the economy is working.

For example, there have been fears of a recession coming soon.  But to understand that the drivers of an actual recession would be more related to the costs of energy and medical, which relates to money that people are spending each month, sheds a new level of understanding of what could trigger a recession. If we don’t have a good understanding of any of these topics, how do really serve our clients?

How To Present and Market The Home

Knowing how to present and market your home is also so important.  Many times that is having conversations about what needs to come out of the home or what needs to be added in, to show the home at its best.  Many times it can involve helping clients physically go through and eliminate items as they prepare to list their home. Nowadays, many of the real estate agents have experience in home staging, which really benefits their clients.  Real estate agents also provide the professional photography, online appearance and open houses and showings, making sure your home get complete exposure.

When it comes to marketing, things have changed quite a bit in the last even 5 years.  Social media is a huge component of marketing a home.  A good agent will be quite tech savvy and have good knowledge of how to use social media to provide the maximum exposure of your listing.  Real estate agents did not do this 10 years ago.  But to provide excellent service, we have to know and understand this Facebook, Instagram, video production along with the tracking of all sites and communications.

Negotiation Skills

Knowing how to successfully negotiate with others while a deal is being worked on is really a learned art.  It is about knowing exactly how the deal is going, understanding the motives of both parties and how to successfully make sure both parties are satisfied and all requests are fulfilled.  These negotiations at times can get stressful.  This is why you have an agent.  They handle the negotiation of a real estate deal, while protecting and overseeing your best interest. We also have a very good understanding of the legalities of buying and selling real estate, which there are many to be cognizant of.

Ultimately Why

Whether it is a purchase or sale transaction, as agents, it is our job to make sure that our clients best interests are protected while keeping the transaction and process smooth as possible.  Buying and selling are big moves for each person that decides to do so. When you hire a real estate agent, they too have skin in the game.  You really hire a real estate agent to be your guide, your confidant and your protector through this entire process along with helping you accomplish your goal.  Using on online service for buying and selling can never provide this amount of service to clients.

If we do our job well, many times we end up with clients who become friends.  These new friends will tell their family and friends about us so we can help take of them too.

Bottom line, this business is about people and helping others….. and living by the Golden Rule

Holly Young – Vanguard Properties

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