3D Comes To Life – Interiors

By looking at the picture above, you can see how far virtual design has come.  With websites like, Box Brownie, brick&batten, and Yardzen, to name just a few, these companies are bringing to life the possibilities of what your home could be in a very real sense with 3d renderings of your ideas.

Sample of Virtual Interior Design

With the ability to really bring ideas to life, virtual design is fast becoming the cutting edge trend for design on all levels.  Builders, architects as well as interior designers are utilizing these and other sites to show their clients ideas as well as what changes can be made or even what the final building project will look like.  Giving a new interpretation of “eye candy”, you literally can send in a picture with your ideas and have the modifications and rendering done, for a price.    Changing paint colors or furniture, even starting from scratch, almost any design can be created.


Working on the exterior of our homes, places like brick&batten and Yardzen do a fabulous job with their renderings, bring beautiful ideas to life before your eyes.  From paint color choices and even structural modifications, you have the opportunity to see all the amazing possibilities.  See below for just a taste of brick&batten’s amazing work.

Virtual design by brick&batten

Yardzen is one of the few that work with the outdoors and can give you suggestions for new landscapes as well as hardscapes, completely rendering a new design for your home.

Both above and below photos – Courtesy of Yardzen virtual designs

Virtual Staging For Homes

Real estate agents as well as some designers are now beginning make use some of these sites for virtual staging, which comes at a fraction of the cost of actual staging.  Home staging can run anywhere from the low end of $3000 well over $25,000.  So you can see how the virtual staging can be a great savings to your clients.  It works well especially for homes that need updating or work, showing the possibilities of what could be.

See below of an example of a sold listing that I virtually staged.



Improvement With Age – Just Like Wine

All in all, virtual design has been around for the last decade or so.  But with any technology, it has definitely improved over time. With the price ranges of these services ranging anywhere from $24 up to well over $1,000 depending on what you are looking for and who you are working with, the price may well worth more than the cost of trial and error.


Holly Young – Realtor®

Coldwell Banker