When you make the decision to buy or sell a home, the first  and most important choice you will make is who you decide to work with and trust with this process.  You will want someone skilled and talented, who will have your back the entire process.

Presentation and negotiations are two very crucial aspects of the real estate industry, both in working with sellers and buyers.  The skills needed to accomplish both of these aspects require a keen eye along with an open perspective and the ability to communicate your point well with others, while protecting the interest of your client.

Great Presentation

For anyone who knows me in this industry, knows how important the presentation of any home is to me when it is listed.  This philosophy applies to all businesses, but is so crucial in the real estate industry.  When it comes to selling yourself or a home you have listed, you have one shot to make a great impression.

The best presentation of the home = the best price, let’s be clear on that.

The presentation starts initially with the curb appeal and tells a story throughout the entire home.  My work as a designer/stager helps me visualize the story I want to tell with my listings.  My goal is to capture the hearts of potential buyers and I always do.  You see, how you present a home along with how you present yourself radiates who you are and how you do business.  For my sellers, each and every one of them deserve all the expertise and talent I have to create the most beautiful presentation of their home and tell a story that connects with potential buyers.

Powerful Negotiations

Relationships built in this industry are probably one of the most important aspects of working as a real estate agent.  The better you have created and nurtured those relationships, the easier it is to negotiate beautifully when you do have a transaction.  Negotiations at times can be extremely challenging.  You have large amounts of money being transacted and the emotions of both the sellers and buyers.  Negotiating well requires the ability to compassionately listen to all sides and work to bridge the gaps for a successful close.  When you have a good reputation with other agents, this greatly impacts how well others will work with you!

Bottom line, the real estate industry is a people / relationship business.  Without the ability to relate well with others, negotiations become extremely difficult.

Choose Wisely

Deciding to make a move in real estate is a big choice to begin with.  Selecting the right partner to help you with this process is the next big choice you will make.  Your real estate agent should have all the attributes that would be most important to you.  They should be knowledgeable, communicate well, know how to present your listing or watch your back if you are a buyer.

In the end, you should always choose an agent that will provide you with “unparalleled service“, knowing the whole way through the process that you are in good hands.

Holly Young

Vanguard Properties