I am a lover of beautiful landscapes and interior home plants.  I have always felt that designing with houseplants or indoor trees can bring a balance and elegance to your home. The affect it can have on a home environment is taking it from a feeling of  “nicely done” to “fabulous”.  Plants just seem to bring more of grounding effect while adding beauty to the home surroundings.

Plants and Interior Design

When you look at the layouts of most design work, many times plants play a large part in the overall design.  From beautiful interior designs of higher end hotels many upscale offices buildings, plants are adding to the overall design.  The same is true for the interior of your home.

People naturally want a relaxing home environment, something that makes them feel comfortable and at ease.  No matter what type of interior design, from mid-century modern, mediterranean or traditional, the addition of plants can soften the overall design and bring warmth to the environment.

For tips on how to add beautiful interior houseplants to your home, check out these articles….Houzz and Belgian Pearls.  Their addition to your home will definitely have a beautiful impact on your environment!

By Holly Young

Picture courtesy of Belgian Pearls