Welcome to the “Santa Rosa Charm”, a monthly newsletter that was created in February of 2021.

The thought behind creating this newsletter was to find a way to make connections with others, especially in the type of year that 2020 had been.  Being an avid door knocker, it was easy for me to go out and meet new people, carry on a conversation as well as let them know what service I provide, should they need any help.

With all the changes that ensued during 2020 and the fact it was much harder to make new connections, I wanted to come up with something that would share part of me (letting people get to know me), provide some kind of value to them (design ideas and inspiration) and give people something other than just market information, which let’s be honest…most times times gets thrown away.

I looked at what I enjoyed receiving, what made me smile or changed the way I saw things.  My favorite magazine is Magnolia by Chip and Joanna Gaines. What I love best about this magazine is that it is created to speak to the reader.  Loaded with many beautiful design ideas and recipes, the writing of articles are equally as thoughtful and always beautifully timed.

So using that as MY inspiration, I have created this newsletter, which is in the infant stages now, but hopefully will grow to inspire even more people.

Much love,