The people we choose to align ourselves with, can influence our outlook and motivation.  They can also be the ones who don’t provide the best influence on us.  Choosing our relationships with others, whether it be our friends, our partners or who we work for or with, makes all the difference in the outcome of so many things in our lives.

That is why it is so important when you are making the one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, to choose wisely who you will hire to represent your interests.

Let’s Start With The Word “Real”

If you think of the term”real estate agent”, the word real is what should stand out.  Being REAL means you are authentic, transparent and genuinely care about who you are helping.  

Building A Relationship

The relationship you have with your real estate agent will develop into a more intimate relationship as you go through your process of buying and selling. Your agent should ask the right questions and most importantly LISTEN to what you are wanting to do.  That is first and most important step…TO LISTEN TO YOU!  The second step is to be completely transparent with you, be honest in answering the questions you have.  The moment you sense any self-interest from your agent, you will get a bad vibe, as you should.  Self interest is not what our service is about.  Our service is to help you accomplish your goals as easily as possible and for the best end result…end of story.

Navigating Changes and Negotiations

As you do go through the process of buying or selling, it is very common to experience different emotions, as the process can feel overwhelming at times.  As real estate agents, we are always to understand this and help move you through these tides.  The better we listen, the more knowledge we have and the better we can help you navigate the changes as you move to your next chapter.

Trust is Key

Trust is probably the most important thing when you choose someone to partner with in real estate.  You have to trust that they have your best interest ALWAYS!  The trust is grown through building a relationship.  It’s always been said that ” you will do business with people that you KNOW, LIKE and TRUST”.  Someone who is handling the largest financial transaction you may do has always got to be someone you trust to protect you and your interests.

Choose The Right Partner

Who we choose to surround ourselves with really makes all the difference in how our lives play out.  Choosing wisely who you marry is crucial to your happiness.  Who you decide to work for is equally important in your service to others.  If you make a poor decision in either of these areas, the price is inevitably painful.  Not that everything is that simple, but you get my drift.

This is a relationship business and….

choosing wisely who you collaborate with can help you accomplish your dreams!!

Much love,

Vanguard Properties