The Kincaid Fire

We just had the 2 year anniversary of the Tubbs fire of 2017, which destroyed over 5800 structures and over 2400 homes in Sonoma County. The first week of November delivered another run with the forces of nature with the Kincaid fire. Talk about hitting a raw spot…The people of Sonoma County that went through the loss of homes through the devastation have just barely healed from the last trauma only to be hit again with evacuations and a very recent fear rearing it’s head.

First Responders

I truly believe that if it weren’t for the help of the First Responders from all over California and other states, that don’t even flinch to jump in and help communities in need, we may have gone through something even worse.  There is something about tragedy that has a way of pulling people closer together.  If you you have to find a blessing in what just took place, that would be it.  Hundreds of people came together to help each other….delivering a huge amount of support from so many.  From the first responders that came to help, to the families that opened their homes, there were so many people contributing to help any way they could.

It really puts in to perspective what is truly important in life, and it’s not all the bullshit that we can sometimes get obsessed with.

My Thoughts

To be honest, I was not here for the Tubbs fire.  I was living in Orange County, building a new life after a divorce.  I was however on the phone with friends that night as they were fleeing from their homes and then returning to find out they had nothing left completely in tears..  I will never forget the pain I heard in their voices.  Their whole life had been washed out by a single act of nature.  Not only did I feel incredibly sad for what they were going through, all these people I love.  I was also disappointed I wasn’t there with them, going through all of this, as the majority of my life has been spent in Sonoma County. I should have been there. So I packed my car and headed north to try and help.

Where To Go From Here

Life has a way of handing you experiences that many times you may not like, but they have a way of adding to your life and giving you the wisdom you will need in the future.  I myself have had plenty of them, whining the whole way only to discover they were later to become my buried treasure.  The one thing I know for sure is that reacting emotionally to a situation rarely gets you the results you truly want.  It is like a bandaid that covers a wound, but the wound itself really needs to heal.  That is my point with my video.  Do not react emotionally to what just took place.  I know it may be easier said than done…but really weigh your options.  The only comparison I can come up with while I write this is getting married to someone you think you just fell in love with and opt for for a Vegas wedding only to have it end in divorce vs. waiting for the love of your life, building that relationship and have it be something with someone you adore and it feeds your heart and soul, for both of you!

My Last Bit of Market Advice and My Belief

So straight up, nobody knows how the market in Sonoma County will do after the fires.  It will take time for things to settle.  My personal belief is that Sonoma County is one strong community as are the people who reside here. There is a reason people want to move here and a reason I came back home.  The grit of the people along with the love for one another, makes this one of the most desirable communities that people want to live.  We are in gorgeous “Wine Country” with a history rich of immigrants, culture, craft beers and absolute beautiful landscapes along with longtime friendships and families.  These are all things to keep in mind as you weigh your decisions to leave or stay.  Trust me, if you leave, there will be someone else moving in.

So with that said, take a deep breath…and look forward to a bright future here in Sonoma County, because we are tough and don’t give up!!

Much love,

By:  Holly Young – Vanguard Properties  (707) 477-9885

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