Home staging has been around for several years now, becoming ever more important in the past decade in elevating the presentation of a home listing.  Having your home professionally staged presents the home in such a light that it draws far more prospective buyers than if it were vacant or shown with the current owner’s possessions.

Who Doesn’t Love A Model Home

Our love of looking at model homes in new subdivisions should give us a clue.  Beautifully laid out design with furniture placement and palette of colors makes an emotional impact.  Staging a home gives expression of all the beautiful possibilities of the home to the potential buyers.  I have personally known buyers that have purchased all the furnishings when buying their next home, just because it was beautifully staged.

Professional Photography is Key

Another important factor is the professional photography and videography being done of a home being listed.  Those elements are how your home is marketed.  So it bodes well to have the photographs and video showing the home in it’s best light.  You only get one chance to make an impressions….make it a fabulous one.

Attraction + Marketing = Quick Sale and More Money!

The last note, which I think some agents and sellers still don’t realize is that having a home listing staged DOES make a difference in the attraction and the price you will obtain for the sale.  To make a point, it’s the same when you shop.  If something doesn’t show well or a blouse has a small stain, you want and usually get a discount, typically 10%.  If you keep that in relative terms, 10% discount on a $1,000,000 home is $100,000.  Is it worth it to save $$1,800 – $4,000 and lose $100,000?  I’m not thinking that is a wise financial choice.  Choose to professionally stage your home or listing and see the difference it makes, not only in the attention from potential buyers but also the difference in the bottom cash line.

For basic tips on preparing your home to sell, check out this post on Houzz.  To see how staging companies work, try “Front Door Staging” located here in Orange County.

By Holly Young

Featured image courtesy of Fresh Home.