Inspections To Do Before Selling Your Home


There is a certain amount of preparation to do prior to listing your home for sale.  One of those steps in that process would be the inspections of your home.  Based on the age and state of condition of your home, certain inspections could save you time and money. PEST INSPECTIONS ARE RECOMMENDED A pest inspection is one of the most requested inspections when a buyer is in contract on a home.  This inspection provides you with the current state of your home and will give you a report of repairs needed to be made. Once the repairs are completed, [...]

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San Francisco Tech IPO’s and Bay Area Real Estate


The impact of the San Francisco based tech IPO's that are occurring in the next few weeks, has many speculating about the impact on Bay Area housing. The Bay Area median price rose 4.5% in January 2019 compared to January 2018 and is well over $1,000,000 in San Francisco, Marin, Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. Overnight Millionaires The influx of monies is speculated to creating "overnight millionaires" that will definitely have an impact on the Bay Area real estate market.  How far reaching the impact will be, is yet to be seen.  The North Bay may be too [...]

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Top Reasons Your House Listing Expired


Deciding to sell your home is not a decision that is made lightly.  There is usually a reason and a plan for the future that has been created.  A vision for the future you are wanting to create. There is nothing more discouraging than having your listing expire. The process of getting your home ready for sale, the staging of your home and making time for showings and open houses and then you end up having nothing to show for it.  That can be a real disappointment and discouraging those with expired listings to even try again. The good [...]

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The 3 Keys To Getting Your Home Sold for the Best Price


The real estate market continually changes.  We go through periods of a great seller's market and then it shifts to a balanced market or possibly to a buyer's market.  One thing is for sure though, no matter what is going on with the market....there is a correct way to get your home sold and for the best price!  These 3 keys are Price, Presentation and Marketing.  When these are carefully thought through and executed well, they will guarantee the sale of your home. Having a Realtor® who truly knows the local market makes a HUGE difference on the information [...]

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The Best Time To Sell Your Home


I think many people looking to sell their homes always seem to want to time it with "seasons" or around the school years.  Their belief is that most people shopping for a home only do so during those times.  That actually is a myth.   In closing out 2018 and beginning the new year, there has been a steady pace of homes sold here in Sonoma County, as well as more listings coming on the market at the start of 2019. People Are Always Shopping For Homes Understand that serious buyers are out shopping for homes all 12 months [...]

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2019 Real Estate Market – The Balance


So we all know 2018 was quite the interesting year, both economically and globally. For nearly a 5 1/2 years we experienced an upwards run of the real estate market values.  The real estate market not only returned to their previous values post 2008 (2005 being a record year) but in some cases, the values just kept growing.  The low interest rates along with a healthy economy, restored economic growth for most everyone. The Shift of The Market So what happened?  The market did what it always does.  It shifted.  Actually, it is quite normal and was needed.  To [...]

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Staging Makes a Difference


Home staging has been around for several years now, becoming ever more important in the past decade in elevating the presentation of a home listing.  Having your home professionally staged presents the home in such a light that it draws far more prospective buyers than if it were vacant or shown with the current owner's possessions. Who Doesn't Love A Model Home Our love of looking at model homes in new subdivisions should give us a clue.  Beautifully laid out design with furniture placement and palette of colors makes an emotional impact.  Staging a home gives expression of all [...]

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O.C. Housing Market


Well 2018 is now entering the fourth quarter of the year and O.C. housing market has shifted.  Running at full steam for the past 5 plus years here, starting in spring 2018, price reductions started.  The price "amendments" clearly were indicating a change in the market temperature.  We are now seeing home prices come more in line with what would appear to be more of a fair market value.  The housing inventory has also almost tripled since the first  quarter, adding to the competition.  This shift is quite normal at this time and we are now seeing evidence of [...]

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Utilizing Proposition 60/90


Proposition 60 and 90 were created to be a property tax savings to those age 55 and therefore allowing homeowners to retain their low property tax basis.   Created for homeowners making a move within the same county is Prop 60, while Prop 90 is for when homeowners are leaving one county and going to another.  Both amendments to the Constitution of California are approved in specific counties.  Therefore, it is best to check the county/counties you are seeking to make the transition in at the California State Board of Equalization  Guide for Proposition 60/90  When selling your home and [...]

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The Importance of Plants in the Home


I am a lover of beautiful landscapes and interior home plants.  I have always felt that designing with houseplants or indoor trees can bring a balance and elegance to your home. The affect it can have on a home environment is taking it from a feeling of  "nicely done" to "fabulous".  Plants just seem to bring more of grounding effect while adding beauty to the home surroundings. Plants and Interior Design When you look at the layouts of most design work, many times plants play a large part in the overall design.  From beautiful interior designs of higher end [...]

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