The Value of Dirt


The Dirt Santa Rosa has had its share of challenges and growth over the last 2 years, due to the fires that took place in 2017.  The people that went through this were faced with some big choices, many [...]

The Value of Dirt2019-08-15T09:58:45-07:00

August Market Update


Subtle Changes, Steady Pace As we are in the middle of the summer season, the listings on the market have increased and the prices in some areas have adjusted down a bit. The Sonoma County market is still steadily [...]

August Market Update2019-08-19T15:29:39-07:00

Leading The Trend


Where We Are Now One of the most important parts of being a real estate agent is being acutely aware of the housing market and economic trends that are currently happening and what is on the horizon.  In gathering [...]

Leading The Trend2019-07-11T07:39:23-07:00

Housing Market Update


Stability in the Market As the new year started off, the housing market here in Sonoma County kept up a steady pace.  Once the weather subsided, a whole new upward shift of listings started to hit the market, which [...]

Housing Market Update2019-06-08T07:55:17-07:00