Well 2018 is now entering the fourth quarter of the year and O.C. housing market has shifted.  Running at full steam for the past 5 plus years here, starting in spring 2018, price reductions started.  The price “amendments” clearly were indicating a change in the market temperature.  We are now seeing home prices come more in line with what would appear to be more of a fair market value.  The housing inventory has also almost tripled since the first  quarter, adding to the competition.  This shift is quite normal at this time and we are now seeing evidence of a balanced market.  In short, it is neither a seller’s nor a buyer’s market.  At least that is the trend for right now.  Continuing to watch economic and housing trends to try and gauge really what we can expect in 2019, there continues to be activity from real estate investors and a healthy stock market indicating more winds of change.  Read more about the expected trends for 2019 

By Holly Young