I almost always love the new trends in paint color and design that lead us forward in some way, transforming the old into the new.  This year however, I am over the top with the recommendations for exterior paint colors that are bold, rich and make a statement.  They embrace the dark, which in some ways seems symbolic of these changing times, ultimately shedding “light” on the actual beauty…..of these homes.

Making Changes – Embracing The Darkness

Branching away a bit, from the ever popular “Modern Farmhouse” white, which has challenged the long running Mediterranean pales tones, we are now turning the corner with more richness, depth and character.  Being described as “moody” by many designers, I would rather call the recommended exterior paint choices, colors of rich substance and depth.  There is a movement past the light and into the daring depths of the darkness, enriching the character and design of the home by this by changing the overall appearance.  When you view these colors, think about a “fabulous makeover” that makes you revitalized!

My first shout out needs to go to “brick&batten, a women owned company, that works nationally. Accounting for both architectural details and design aesthetic, they provide amazing renderings or what your home could potentially be. When I first started researching the paint color trends for exteriors for 2022, their website came up first…without a paid ad.  Good job on the SEO ladies, as I know how challenging it is to get to the top of Google. With all the researching I did, these fabulous women at”brick&batten“, in my opinion, they ultimately came up with the best of the best for trends we are moving towards in 2022.

Furthermore, Brick & Batten not only did fabulous work with these color suggestions, they equally demonstrated how all these colors can can completely transform a home as well as their additional suggestions, all being done with their lifelike virtual 3d design work.

Virtual Design – Courtesy of brick&batten / Sherwin Williams – Caviar

Virtual Design – Courtesy of brick&batten / Benjamin Moore – Stone Cutter and Tricorn

Sticking with mostly neutrals that ultimately soothe, these shades of charcoals and grays, some of which have undertones of deep blues and greens actually provide an elegant palette that coincides in a gorgeous way with nature.  They each possess a comfort in their depth that ultimately gives way to the elegance of each of these paint color choices.

Here is a compilation of the recommendations of exterior home color suggestions for both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, curated by brick&batten.

Benjamin Moore – Exterior Paint Suggestions 2022

      Aegean Olive                  Black Forest Green                 Sussex Green

  Deep River                          Ocean Floor                       Stonecutter

Midsummer Night                    Black Beauty                         Classic Gray

Sherwin Williams – Exterior Paint Color Suggestions 2022

Anonymous                           Iron Ore                               Dorian Gray

Dried Thyme                        Black Fox                            Caviar

Gray Area                                       Porpoise

Darkness Sheds Light

Some of my personal favorites are Benjamin Moore’s “Stone Cutter” and “Black Beauty” as well as Sherwin William’s Caviar, that top my list for rich boldness.  Not only will these colors look stunning on the exteriors of homes, but they also add elegance to your interiors as well.  These colors go beautifully with the different shades of natural woods as well as painted brick or natural stone, which can be offset with lighter trims or accents, providing a beautifully eye popping contrast.

With that said, as we see more of the “mid century modern” architecture growing in popularity, all of these colors truly have the potential to take those individually designed, architecturally elegant homes, to a whole new level.


Photo – Courtesy of brick&batten

Inside Out

I have long been a lover of great design as well as change.  Both can be like a breath of fresh air, revitalizing your surroundings.  Though most of my design work pertains to inside the home, when it comes to curb appeal for the outside of the home, these colors will definitely grab your attention and ultimately evoke a feeling of simple luxury, no matter what style or size home you have.

If Anthony Robbins was coaching paint color trends, this is close to where we would end up in my opinion.  It stretches what we normally gravitate towards, being the lighter colors, and generates a visual potential how powerful embracing the dark could be, which can ultimately add depth to almost anything.

Most of all, I want to extend a huge thank you to Lisa and Sarah at brick&battenwhom I spoke with about the work at Brick & Batten, as well as in the writing of this blog post. They are a widely used virtual exterior design company that provides renderings of the exteriors of homes…. like you see above, as well as give ideas for changing the overall appearance of your home.  These ladies not only gave us beautiful suggestions for exterior paint colors trends for 2022, they provided stunning visual examples as well. I think they nailed it when it comes to the new trends with their vision.  I encourage you to try this company, especially if you are looking to make some bold changes to your home that will take it to a new level of beauty.

To see their original blog post regarding these exterior colors, click here complete with virtually designed homes and  these beautiful paint color suggestions from both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.

Remember change is ultimately a good thing.  Quoting words from, Disturbed’s song, “The Light”,  “Sometimes darkness can show you the light”…

Holly Young – Realtor®

Coldwell Banker Realty

Photo – Courtesy of brick & batten