In late 2019, Governor Gavin Newsome signed two bills into effect for the state of California, AB-818 and AB-68, which were designed to positively impact the state’s housing market by making California ADU’s much easier to build. These bills took effect as of January 1, 2020.

AB-881 and AB68 were designed to override the current restrictions placed by many of cities throughout California, which limit the construction of ADU’s in many areas.  They will also speed up the process of gaining permits for ADU’s added to single family and multi-family homes.  As stated in the Forbes article published March 12, 2020, previously, permits for ADU’s were taking up to 120 days.  With these new bills, the process for approval or denial must be within 60 days.

With these new bills signed into effect, the design is make the process more simple, easier to obtain and remove some of the contraction restrictions. For example, if CC&R’s that were written several years ago state that only one dwelling can be built on a lot AND there is an existing Homeowners Association running this particular area, these bills can override those CC&R’s and technically mandate that the city allow the construction of ADU’s on the lots.  One possibility that would prevent construction of an ADU would be the allowance or lack of city water to the subject in question.

These two bills, AB-881 and AB-68, have layers of components describing the changes they have made and where the state of California stands in the mandate of construction of ADU’s.  Currently, these bills can override city ordinances and municipalities in many areas.  There are many components to these bills and too much to write in a short blog post.  Bottom line, these bills were put into effect to create more housing for the state of California and ultimately to try and begin to remedy our housing crisis here.

To obtain more information, see these links:    California Department of Housing and Development  /  AB-881   /  AB-68

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