The Skinny on Home Interior Design

We all love the model homes in new subdivisions.  My reasoning for our mutual love for these is this;  we love the brand new looks created.  A clean slate with a beautiful flow of design and colors.  But we all know that model homes are put together by interior designers and stagers with one thing in mind, attracting potential buyers.

The feeling created when you enter these homes is absolutely wonderful!  Unfortunately however, it is not how most people live…

With that being said, it is not difficult to create that same feeling or ambience in different rooms in your own home.  It just takes thought, planning and the ability to perhaps see things from a different perspective.  The other big one is being able to change..and sometimes that’s the hard part.  We just get plain comfortable with the status quo.

    Status Quo


Home Environment Is Everything It’s Cracked Up To Be

The quote from Winston Churchill, “We create our dwellings, our dwellings create us“, is a hard and fast rule I have always lived by when it comes to design.  What you surround yourself with, by design or default, directly impacts YOU.  This also includes people, but that’s another topic!

The key is creating something that feels good to you and those you live with while being functional as well.

While I love interior design, I have done most of my work using what people already have, switching it up, adding to it, which in turn changes the whole vibe of the room…

Without going into great length on this page, what I have created are different “short” articles, describing the ways into change up your own home.  From paint colors and accent walls, to room rehabs I have done (which are simple), my goal is to provide as many ideas as I can to inspire the changes that you may want to be making to your home. Each week I will add another design suggestion complete with the best direction I can provide to you.

My main objective is to encourage you to play with different ideas and not be afraid to change it up a bit.  Trust me that when you do change the look and feel of your home, it changes you and your world.

As always, should you have any questions, please just give me a call and I can always help you.

Happy designing!