March 2020 marks the beginning of a new era of the way businesses “if” or “can” run, while we move through the transition we are currently in.  Having the way we do things and the way businesses run come to a halt, has required ingenuity in order to move forward through the times we are in.

We are currently witnessing several changes being made by the government, large companies, the Fed and local jurisdictions as we try to navigate how to move through these times and still maintain services to those who need them.  Even though Homeland Security declared “Real Estate” an essential business, each local jurisdiction has the authority to override this.  North Bay Association of Realtors along with Governor Newsome are still mandating a “shelter in place” and for those of us in real estate, we have restrictions on our practice along with the addition of documents from C.A.R., in order to continue safely protecting all those involved in a real estate transaction.

Below I have listed some of the “new” rules of operation we are working under at this time:

  • Open Houses / Broker Tours –  Not Allowed
  • Virtual Tours are now the way properties are being shown for the safety of everyone
  • Zoom meetings (virtual video conferencing) is the way business meetings are conducted at this time.
  • Occupied Listing Showings  –  A seller can do a FaceTime video for a prospective buyer to view the home
  • Vacant Home Listings   –  Private Showings can be done for “vacant listings only” and the C.A.R. PEAD form must be completed for each showing
  • Corona Virus Addendum/Amendment  –  Addendum/Amendment to purchase contract to be signed by both buyer and seller (to be enforceable), protecting either party in the event that the “corona virus” impacts the ability to close the transaction.
  • Notice of Unforeseen Corona Virus Circumstances Form  –  This form is follow up to the CVA, requesting proof of circumstance change due to the Corona Virus
  • Amendment /Addendum to Listing Agreement (Covid 19) – This form addresses all access to home for i.e., photos, inspections and /or improvements along with addressing the marketing plan under the current circumstances.

These are just some of the changes we have seen in this industry that have been put into effect in order to protect the public from the spread of the virus and to be able to still do a real estate transaction and be protected.

At this time, listings that are being taken are being shown virtually.  We have seen some pause with sellers and buyers though as people await for a return to some normalcy to move forward again. I have no doubt though that once we are able to move more freely, we will see a surge in the movement in housing…

As we move through this transition we may continue to see other changes take place as we all navigate movement forward.

Though this is a time of great change, we will move through this to a much better place….We always do!!!

Holly Young – Vanguard Properties