Human Connection – The Launching Pad for 2021

After the year 2020 and all that was experienced collectively and individually, the paint color trend selections for 2021 were chosen thoughtfully, from what nurtures us.  The shelter in place for over the better part of the year in 2020, created an awakening of those things that are truly important and what gives our lives meaning.  Our homes, families, and friends, and connection with each other, became the heart of what we need most of all.


With this said, the color choices for 2021 are based more in the feelings of comfort, grounding, simplicity and connection, creating the surroundings that will cultivate the very things that became so much more important to us after experiencing 2020.  Based on an article from HGTV, I have listed my favorite paint color choices for this year.

Interior Paint Color Trends For Grounding Your Space

The gray family has become more popular over the last few years, especially when creating the “Modern Farmhouse” look.  Though shades of gray still retain popularity, we are now being introduced to the warmer colors with hues of gold and amber.  These softer tones exude warmth and comfort.  When placed correctly in the home, they provide a beautiful palette that can be enhanced in many ways, from trim to accents woods and masonry.  PPG came out with a trio of color choices aptly named “Be Well“, which consists of “Transcends“, the soft spiced oatmeal wall color, “Big Cypress“, the warmer bronze spiced color, prefect for an accent wall or warming a room followed with “Misty Aqua” which can pair well with whites and grays, giving the feeling of looking at the sky.

PPG colors “Transcends” and “Big Cypress”  Photo courtesy of PPG / HGTV

Benjamin Moore’s “Chestertown Buff” also displays the gold undertones, creating warmth and an inviting essence to any room.  This color as well can be altered depending upon the trim and accents you choose, creating a beautiful space, either way.

Benjamin Moore’s “Chestertown Buff”.  Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore / HGTV

Glidden has new twist on gray with “Whirlwind“, an adaptable pale gray with soft lavender undertones that create a feeling of soft restfulness and can be accented by several other colors.

Photo courtesy of Glidden / HGTV

Bringing Life With Stronger Colors

The soft palettes provide a beautiful backdrop to any room.  There is however, always the desire for a stronger presence to be made with a room.  Whether it is to create restful comfort, coziness or inspiration, these colors are still generating from what nature gives us, once again providing the grounding in our environments.

Benjamin Moore’s “Aegean Teal” is not your typical teal color.  It has a warmer tone that is complimentary to different shades of wood and stone, making this a popular color for kitchens.

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore / HGTV

Sherwin Williams introduces the rich, “Urbane Bronze” which adds depth and character to any room.  Though some may shy away from this darker tone, when they are placed in a room with sufficient light, it will create a feeling of warmth and simplicity. This is absolutely one of my favorites!

Photos Courtesy of Sherwin Williams / HGTV

With “Urbane Bronze” as the main wall color or as an accent wall, it gives the feeling of ultimate warmth while being grounded with accents of wood.

My last favorite is Behr’s “Kalahari Sunset“, which for the lovers of more warm tones of orange or spiced pumpkin, this color introduces a more grounding warmth of fall without dictating an entire theme of a room, which some stronger colors can do. The bricks are painted in Behr’s “Almond Wisp“, providing a complimentary balance to this room.

Photo Courtesy of Behr

Every year, colors are chosen by designers and nominated as “Color Trends” of the year.  What makes this year so different, is the foundation from which these selections were.  I love the idea of the grounded palette of colors as I have long believed in the effect your surroundings have on you.  When it comes to the choice of colors for your home, it is the foundation of design.  Choose colors that make you feel good, like peaceful, grounded or relaxed.  We take our time choosing lots of other things in life that make us feel good.  Color choices are the same thing.  They are what you build upon.  So be daring and try something new.  Experiment with the affect that different colors will have on you. They do speak to you…you just need to listen..

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